Code of Conduct

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Code Of Conduct

CppNorth follows the Berlin Code of Conduct. Our goal is to maintain a safe, helpful and friendly community for everyone. A dedicated team under the leadership of Guy Davidson will be helping to resolve any questions or concerns during the conference.

To privately email the Code of Conduct committee use


No weapons are allowed at CppNorth. Weapons include but are not limited to explosives (including fireworks), guns, and large knives such as those used for hunting or display, as well as any other item used for the purpose of causing injury or harm to others.

Code Of Conduct Team


The role of the CoC team is to ensure that attendees of the conference feel safe and welcome no matter their origin, gender, sexuality, or body and cognitive abilities. The CoC team discusses the content of the Code of Conduct, escalates to the organizers any issue that could hurt inclusivity, collects complaints and remarks from the attendees and decides what to do in case of CoC breach.


Actions mandated by the CoC team regarding:

  • banishment of any participant (including organizers and speakers) temporarily or indefinitely
  • cancellation of a presentation ongoing or scheduled
  • not publishing a talk online after the conference

must be taken by the organizers as soon as possible.


In case of complaint and if the CoC team thinks an action must be taken, the CoC team will separately hear the person raising the complaint, the person(s) the complaint is about (if any) and a representative of the organization. The identity of the person raising a complaint must be kept as secret as possible unless they explicitly told the CoC to waive their anonymity. The identity of the person targeted by the complaint must also be kept as secret as possible unless it presents a danger for other attendees. Each of the persons heard can ask to be accompanied by an observer who agrees to it and is not part of the CoC team.


After the conference, the CoC team will produce a report about their activity. It is formulated to keep all persons involved as anonymous as possible. The CoC team can decide to not mention a complaint if its mention could be detrimental to a party.

Special Cases

If a complaint is raised against one the members of the CoC team, this person will not be included in the decision process and will be instead replaced with a member of the organization team for the treatment of this complaint. Such complaints can lead to the exclusion of the CoC team member or their banishment from the conference.

If a complaint is raised against one of the organizers, the CoC team will hear separately from the organizer targeted by the complaint and another representative of the organizers. Such complaints can lead to the exclusion of the organizers from their responsibility in the organization or their banishment from the conference.




July 18-20, 2022


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