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CppNorth believes in an open, inclusive, and welcoming atmosphere. Therefore we are planning the conference with inclusivity in mind. In fact, it is our first priority with planning. We recognize that no framework is perfect and we will work to evolve our inclusivity framework continuously even after the conference has concluded. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • We will have a code of conduct team ensuring that the conference is a safe and respectful place to learn, collaborate, and have fun.
  • A dedicated quiet room will be provided for those who need a break from the noisy conference environment.
  • Our venue is small and fully accessible, accommodating those attendees with mobility needs.
  • Our venue and hotel are in the same space so there will be no need to worry about navigating the streets of Toronto after late events.
  • We plan to publish our snack and meal plans ahead for those who have dietary restrictions and need to plan accordingly. Also, our event is hosted close to the St. Lawrence market area which hosts over a hundred possible choices for food and beverage during off conference hours.
  • Talk submissions will be evaluated at first without speaker identity to make room for new speakers with interesting topics to share.
  • Flexible timeline for submission of talks and advice on how to submit the best possible talk will be provided.
  • We will have dedicated gender neutral washrooms.
  • Discord will be moderated to ensure conversation is respectful.
  • Published YouTube comments will be moderated and turned off on request.
  • Stage and podium design allows for a wide variety of needs. Podiums can be moved, ramps can be installed. Let us know what you need.
  • There will be planned events for connecting and socializing for those attending alone.

We will have a dedicated Code of Conduct team that will make sure we are hosting the most inclusive event possible. Please let us know any areas that we are missing at




July 18-20, 2022


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