Intel's Toronto Technology Centre is a world-class research and development site. Our staff, acknowledged as among the world's leading experts, create state-of-the-art CAD software tools and industry-leading programmable logic device architectures.

We're looking for excellent C++ software developers!

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Come work on challenging problems: novel algorithms, careful attention to performance and excellent software engineering are a daily reality.

Some areas we work on:

  • FPGA CAD - Synthesis, placement and routing for Intel FPGAs. Hundreds of interesting algorithms to perform different types of optimizations to balance a complex set of tradeoffs.
  • High level language compilation - Data Parallel C++ (SYCL) for heterogeneous computing, compilation and optimization built on top of LLVM, followed by a complex generation of hardware elements for our FPGAs.
  • Software modeling of complex hardware - distilling hundreds of gigabytes of data and describing how the hardware works for our CAD tools.
  • Software infrastructure - application specific databases, OS portability layers and in-house high performance data structure libraries.
All of this implemented in millions of lines of high-performance C++ code.

The Toronto Technology Centre is located at the heart of the city, on Bloor Street. We pride ourselves on our inclusive atmosphere, drawing in a diverse range of people. Our site offers an energetic and passionate working environment, a collaborative culture, and among the best compensation packages in the industry.

Constant development and knowledge sharing is a way of life for us. Mentorship and learning opportunities are plentiful among our group of bright people.

Come join our team!




July 18-20, 2022


CppNorth Group