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Keynote Talk

Ben Deane

Keynote Talk

Jessica Kerr

Keynote Talk

Kate Gregory

Keynote Talk

Timur Doumler

From Templates to Concepts

Alex Dathskovsky

C++ Coroutines from Scratch

Andreas Fertig

Building Interfaces That Are Hard to Use Incorrectly

Andreas Weis

Calendrical C++: std::chrono, History, Mathematics and the Computus

Ben Deane

Multi-Paradigm Programming and Beyond

Chris Ryan

New Algorithms in C++23

Conor Hoekstra

Mitigating the Intellectual Anxiety Associated with Learning C++ Programming Language

Cpp Africa(Dennis Onyeka ikemefula, Emmanuel Danso Nyarko)

Why Good Code is Relative: How the Environment Changes the Way We Write C++ Code

Daniel Withopf

C# for C++ Developers

Fatemeh Jafargholi

API Design Principles

John Pavan

C++ as an Optimizing Assembler - A Performance Talk

Levo DeLellis

What's New in Compiler Explorer?

Matt Godbolt

Panel: The Path Forward

Michael Daum

How to Start a Modern C++ Project?

Mikhail Svetkin

Teaching Custom Containers and Allocators How to Sanitize addresses

Miro Knejp

Moving an Existing Project to C++ 20 for Fun, Beauty... and Results!

Patrice Roy

Managing External APIs in Enterprise systems

Peter Muldoon

Vulnerable C++

Peter Sommerlad

Do You Like Physics Simulations aaaannnd C++? Me too!

Pier-Antoine Giguère

A Journey into Range, Views and Pipelines and Some Functional Programming

Rudyard Merriam

10x Your Teamwork Through Pair Programming

Selena Small

Object Lifetime: from Start to Finish

Thamara Karen Cunha Andrade

Value Oriented Programming Part V: Return of the Values

Tony Van Eerd

Iteration Revisited

Tristan Brindle

And Then() Some(T)

Victor Ciura

get() into Retroactive Static Reflection

Vince Tourangeau

Writing C++ to Be Read

Vincent Zalzal

Understanding and Mastering Flat Containers

Vitaly Fanaskov

A Tale of Two Tuples

Will Wray