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We understand that many parents face the challenge of finding reliable and affordable childcare while attending professional events. That is why we are excited to announce that CppNorth will provide childcare for parents if childcare is required to enable them to attend the conference. This service is available for children aged 0 to 14 and will be at the conference venue. You can register your child online when you sign up for the conference. Our qualified and experienced staff will make sure your child has a great and safe time while you learn, network and discover what is new in the C++ community. CppNorth hopes this initiative will make the conference more accessible and inclusive for parents.

Childcare will be at the conference venue, so you may check on your kids as often as you would like. You will also get regular updates on your kids' activities through messages.

Our childcare staff includes at least one certified first aid and CPR provider and volunteers. The number of staff depends on the number of kids and their age.

Lunch is not included. There are kid-friendly restaurants in the neighbourhood. We can help you order food for kids as well. Snacks are, however, available (fruits, vegetables, cookies, milk, water, and Juice).

The exact details of activities will be determined after the registration deadline. However, here are some activities that you may expect:

  • Variety of books – For all ages
  • Nap/quiet time – Infants and little kids
  • Toys and puzzles – Infants and little kids
    • Separate play area for infants for tummy time
  • Music and dance – Infants and little kids
  • Colouring supplies – All ages
  • Scavenger hunt – Ages 4 and up
  • Card games – Ages 6 and up
  • Small Engineering projects – Ages 6+
  • Small group coding projects - Ages 6+
  • AI discussion – Ages 9+
    • Guided by volunteers. Started with basic AI information, led by kids
  • App idea contest – Ages 9+
    • A written proposal and a chance to present their ideas
  • Limited time age-appropriate cartoons and TV programs – All ages
  • Visit to park – All ages
    • Weather permitting
    • Written consent is required
  • A tour of the conference center – Ages 4+
    • Explaining what a conference is and why adults attend conferences
  • Attending conference talks - Ages 10+ for interested kids
  • Field trip to attractions in the area – Ages 6+
    • Toronto Aquarium is an example
    • This is an option if there is enough interest
    • Field trip tickets will be funded by parents

We will try our best to accommodate any individual’s needs. Kids may bring their favourite toy/book/item if they wish. We would like you to be able to focus on the conference and enjoy your time. So please do not hesitate to contact us about childcare options.




July 17-19, 2023


CppNorth Group