How to Request an Incident Report

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Recently, conferences have been taking action under their Codes of Conduct in response to incidents that occurred at other conferences or events. This has meant that the people involved in the events have had to report their incident over and over again, and face questions about it over and over again. This is unpleasant and unfair. To avoid this, the CppNorth Code of Conduct team will, under certain specific circumstances, release more details about incidents we have handled. The details will be provided, in a confidential and known way, to Code of Conduct teams from other conferences or organizations we trust. This is mentioned in our Code of Conduct:

“We may share details Code of Conduct team to Code of Conduct team with other conferences or organizations, to save the reporter from having to do that and to ensure the other conference gets the full picture.”

Note: we do not release details to entities other than Code of Conduct teams. Employers, friends, program committees of other conferences, people who have experienced similar actions from what they believe is the same person and want confirmation, and other interested parties will not be able to satisfy their curiosity by asking us. These reports are a service to the larger community through the mechanism of vetted and trained or experienced Code of Conduct teams.

To request a report, send email to following these guidelines:

  • The email should come from a member of the code of conduct team for your organization, ideally using the organization email address rather than a personal one. (If the member and their personal email address are known to our Code of Conduct team, it is ok to use that address.)
  • The email should be cc’ed to the official email used for reporting incidents (eg unless:
    • The person you think the report is about is on that email. In this case, mention that fact in the request and cc all the members of the team who should receive the response.
    • You do not use email for conduct reports. Again, mention that.
  • The email should include a link to your code of conduct page and any other pages that may be relevant. We need to see a public list of who is on your code of conduct team, and your incident handling procedures, at least at a high level.
    • In the event the person you think the report is about would normally participate in Code of Conduct matters, tell us how you are recusing them from this handling.
  • The email should include a link to the transparency report about which you need more details. If several incidents appear on one report, clearly indicate which one is relevant. We will not normally share details about an incident for which no transparency report was released.

We will respond, normally to your conduct@ email address, either declining to provide more information than is already public, or with a written summary of extra details we think will be of value to another Code of Conduct team. This will include strict instructions not to share the information further. If you feel another organization needs this information, tell them how to request it directly from us.

It is our expectation that you will use the information to make your own decisions. Every conference is different, and each person’s history and reputation with attendees is different for each conference. Behaviour that would restrict future participation in our conference might not do so in yours, or vice versa.




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