Exhibiting at CppNorth is an opportunity to promote developer tools and enterprise solutions, as well as to connect with attendees who may be interested in job opportunities.

The exhibition space will be located on the conference's main floor for maximum visibility throughout the conference.

Exhibitors must follow the conference’s Code of Conduct, be considerate with regards to noise and facilitate traffic around their exhibiting space.

The cost of exhibiting is 1000 CAD per day. Each booth will have one table that accommodates 1-2 company representatives. Exhibitors who want to have more company representatives and/or need more space should get two tables which we’ll be placed side by side for a total cost of 2000 CAD per day. Please contact us if you are not sure whether one table will be enough for your needs, we want you to have enough room to display your exhibiting material properly.

Additional equipment will be available at a cost through our AV vendor. Please contact exhibiting@cppnorth.ca for more details.




July 17-20, 2022


Coming soon!