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Trip Reports for CppNorth 17th-19th July 2023

  • Kate Gregory's Blog by Kate Gregory
  • CPPNorth2023 by Pier-Antoine Giguère
  • Some C++ Reflection from "mathNews" of University of Waterloo
  • ADSP podcast. Episode 140: CppNorth Live with Victor Ciura, Andreas Weis & More!
  • ADSP podcast. Episode 141: CppNorth Live with Kate Gregory, Jessica Kerr & Kristen Shaker!
  • Trip Reports for CppNorth 16th-20th July 2022

  • CppNorth 2022 Trip Report by Richard Powell
  • À propos de CppNorth 2022 by Patrice Roy in French
  • About CppNorth 2022 by Patrice Roy translated to English by Google Translate
  • CppNorth 2022 Trip Report by Kareem Skinner
  • Recapping our CPP North Experience by Amir Kirsh
  • Nibble Stew by Jussi Pakkanen
  • C++North 2022 Trip Report by Timur Doumler
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    July 17-19, 2023


    CppNorth Group